Retro Gamers, Welcome Home

We aim to provide the latest information, tweaks, custom modifications and guides for the now broad range of retro consoles and handhelds.

PlayStation 1 & 2 have over 2,500 titles each, and the PlayStation Portable has 1,500. Dreamcast? it had more than 600 known releases. Have you played all of these?

Dust off your old PlayStation, replace the VMU battery of your Dreamcast, and ready your stylus for your Nintendo DS. Here at Revive Today we will show you what you’ve missed out on and more. We will show you the latest modifications that will ensure the best possible experience, and make sure you will want to continue enjoying that old machine of wonders. Don’t have a retro console to revive? Then build one out of a Raspberry Pi!

As more consoles get retro-status from the passage of time, we will continue to provide you with the best resources you can get. Here we commit to ensuring we have:

  • Up-to-Date Guides, with date stamps for verification.
  • Comprehensive resource on what you can do.
  • Homebrew guides and information.
  • Directions to the most active and trusted platform communities.

What are you waiting for? Join us on the retro revival!

News & Blog

A word on Grand Theft Auto PlayStation Vita ports

This was initially being written to explain why the ports are absent from the essential applications corner, but this has ...
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(Update from PlayStation) How the Closure of PlayStation Store affects Retro

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ReviveToday now on Discord

In an effort to establish a wider community, we have now created a Discord server. You are all more than ...
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2021 at ReviveToday

Seasons greetings from the website that seems to die for long periods of time. Sorry for that, but 2020 has ...
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Turn an old (or current) Android Phone into the Best Handheld with RetroArch!

New article. Hell's bells it must be Christmas. /s Yeah, we've been away for a bit. We're sorry! But we're ...
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End of the Line for Emuparadise ROM Downloads

A dark future lays ahead for homebrew game consoles as legal pressures mount on ROM sites. But is this such ...
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