The updates and progress has been slow on this site, leading to information being outdated and/or incorrect. More details will follow, but for now here’s where to get more up to date information.

PlayStation Portable

  • PSP-Cult in the ReviveToday Discord has already shown to be a true dedicated PSP officionado. You can check out their site for more up to date information across the whole PSP spectrum.
  • For video guidance, I recommend MrMario2011 YouTube videos. They always seem to produce videos at lightning speed when new updates or changes to jailbreak methods work, and has been a staple in my retro diet for the past 3 years.
  • The Reddit PSP Subreddit is incredibly active at ~82k active users.
  • The PSP Discord and PSP Homebrew Community are recommended for getting into the community.

PlayStation 2

  • Recommending MrMario2011 again as a treasure trove of video guidance. However MattKC and more technically Modern Vintage Gamer are also some good channels to follow for PS2 content.
  • The PS2 Subreddit have a community wiki going to supply information on the PS2.
  • The PS2 Discord is incredibly active and lively, with some amazing development work underway on the PS2 to make it unbelivably powerful. Well worth joining to see the amazing work going down.

PlayStation Vita

PlayStation 3

Anything missing that you think needs a shoutout? Let us know on the Discord server.