Seasons greetings from the website that seems to die for long periods of time. Sorry for that, but 2020 has been Hellish lately. From ReviveToday to your household, we wish you all the very best during such horrible times, and wish for a much better 2021.

But 2021 needn’t be a bad year for retro, and we aim to promise some big changes around here. Such as:

  • Reviewing all our pages to fix the ‘coming soon’ semi-abandoned pages.
  • Updating the PSP CFW wizard to include guidance for the Street, other than “tough luck”.
  • Hopefully improving this blog segment with some more interesting retro news.

And after so long of promising this, it’s finally coming:

  • PS1 (including a DIY build) and PS3 segments.

(Dreamcast segment still in process, but PS3 is currently more accessible to me at this point in time).

We wish you all the best for the new year, and hope to have a fun retro-filled 2021.