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Nintendo DS Next in the Family

New Super Mario Brothers for Nintendo DS isn’t so new any more. In fact, it’s now almost 11 years old. It’s running platform, the world-famous Nintendo DS, is now around 12 years old in itself, and only saw the end of the DS line in 2011. A 6 year official lifespan with a massive range of variations gives it one of the longest lifespans of a handheld console. Sadly however, a mild homebrew community meant that it is now mostly unheard of, combined with a successor with an awfully similar name.

In the coming months (we mean it this time),  we will be adding a new section covering the hidden homebrews of the Nintendo DS. we will point you to the best community locations, guides, options and homebrews available for your DS. DSi will also be included in these guides, however personally I never owned one of these incredible little devices.

Meanwhile, we are still working on the Dreamcast section. We have had a couple of setbacks due to server issues, but rest assured we will be adding them to the site in the near future! As always, any concerns just let us know.


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Forget Retro Rebuilds, Create your own mutli-system Retro Console for £60

With a revival of interest in older video games, a few old console companys have re-produced anniversary editions of their consoles. Sinclair has released the ZX Vega, and Nintendo released the adorable little NES Classic. Are you awaiting your favourite console to undergo their transformation? Well, why wait when you can build your own?

The low-cost IoT board Raspberry Pi is a powerful little board of delights, and a delight in this situation is that it’s capable of running games up to PlayStation 1. As a result, the board is a great candidate for building your own DIY Retro games console. All in all, a decent build of this console will only cost around £60, which is less than some of these rebuilds.

The guide is currently on-going. If you’re tempted by this and wish to give it a shot, check the link below!

DIY Retro Console with Raspberry Pi

Dreamcast next up on RT

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We’ve been modifying some of the current guides up. With the transition complete it feels like the time to add a new console to the lineup. Up next was the last console release from SEGA, and they ended their releases with a storm. The Dreamcast.

Dreamcast was the first console to start the sixth generation of consoles. While it was the under-performer of the generation, the vast array of different types of games and accessories made this console a commercial success. This console saw the release of arguably the only successful Sonic RPG, Sonic Adventures.

Behind the Dreamcast is a utility that came to light after support was dropped, that was the VMU. The Virtual Memory Unit pioneered by SEGA, featured a controller slot-in. This slot-in not only let you store game data, but also had interactions with games by the way of a screen. Dreamcast games could utilise this screen however they wish, normally to display some game art. Pull the VMU out of the controller though, and you find a tiny set of controls. You can interact with many games, and even have a tamagochi-like pet by the way of Sonic Adventures.

In the coming weeks we will be doing some polishing to the site and adding to the currently sparse FAQ sections, but we will then add the Dreamcast in time for Christmas and the server migration.

Update: This is still in the pipe-works, and will be ready once we have the necessary resources. In the mean time we have been updating the site otherwise, but rest assured it’s still on the way.