We’re moving (already)

Hello all!

Here at Retro PlayStation we discovered that we have a couple of issues. Our domain name is very specific, in that we provide services for the older PlayStation consoles. However, We used ‘PlayStation’ in the name. Most of you will know that PlayStation is a trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment Incorporated. We added warnings to stay we are not affiliated to or endorsed by Sony, but the trademark violation still exists. With a mission to stay active for as long as possible, a simple cease and desist from Sony could immediately knock the site permanently offline.

Asides from blatant trademark issues, we also do not intend to serve just PlayStation models. We already have Dreamcast and Nintendo DS in our lineup, so Retro PlayStation is in essence rather misleading for our future ventures.

So we have decided to migrate our site to a new domain. Starting Sunday, we will be found at, and be called – you guessed it – Revive Today.

We will aim to provide a great service across many existing and newly retro consoles, and still provide a great service to the PlayStation lineage. We will redirect requests to Retro PlayStation over to our new site, so you should not have to worry about any existing links. Also, should our website redirect unsuccessfully, we have been fully archived on the WayBack Machine.

So that’s our news for today. Please let us know what you think in the comments below!

Please note we have not actually been served a C&D from Sony. We are just preparing for the future.

Retro PlayStation is here!

Welcome to Retro PlayStation!

Besides the need for a hobby, this website was set up for a quite particular reason. I* was big into the Jailbreaking and CFW scene in my teens, esepcially iPod Touches and PSPs. When I came back to the scene years later, I noticed that all the sites I used has disappeared and were replaced by clickbait blogs and random people sharing files. I harbour a dislike for this method, as you never know what you’re gonna get is safe.

We created this blog as my favourite mediums have started to wither, so together a collection can be built up so that hopefully this will stop being the case. While it unfortunately doesn’t work well with files, every step of the way we have regularly backed this site up to, a wonderful website providing a service that lets you see the older historical version of web pages. WayBack Machine has received regular updates from here, so if this site was to disappear in the future the guides and information on this site will not be lost forever.

With this goal in mind we do not wish to start replacing communities that already exist, so we will always try to provide linkbacks to currently active website communities. There are also plenty of wonderful guides scattered round the web right now, so this website will try to index all of these sites so they are not lost in the tides of the web.

How can I help?

There’s lots of ways you can help out with the site! We are active on Reddit (u/retroplaystation), so if you see something worth preserving or adding tag us in!

You can also help us by:

  • Sending us tip-offs of any new features or something we’ve missed (no form yet, email us!).
  • Commenting on the pages and guides on the site.
  • Pointing out any awesome guides you’ve found on the web.
  • Spreading the word, and the love of the retro.

Is this just for PlayStation?

No. We will be adding all forms of retro consoles we obtain that have a homebrew/hacking community behind. In fact, we are planning to add Nintendo DS, DreamCast and Gamecube next to the list.

Will this site be available forever?

We wish we could say yes, but no. We intend to keep this site as long as we possibly can. However, we have many risks hosting this site, including:

  • Server costs.
  • DMCA takedowns.
  • Sony not liking our domain name (We don’t intend to infringe copyright, otherwise we will rename not shut down).

However, we have a contingency plan in place when the site is due pop its clogs. Should the time occur for the site to pass on, we have backed up all our pages to, so all the content on this site will still be accessible. We will move all our downloadable files that have not received DMCA requests into a file sharing host, so they will hopefully still be available after the site perishes.

So that’s our site so far. Please let us know in the comments what you think, and we will try to provide you with great content for those new and experienced to the scene!

*This website is currently run by one individual, which is why things take a long time to process.