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Forget Retro Rebuilds, Create your own mutli-system Retro Console for ยฃ60

With a revival of interest in older video games, a few old console companys have re-produced anniversary editions of their consoles. Sinclair has released the ZX Vega, and Nintendo released the adorable little NES Classic. Are you awaiting your favourite console to undergo their transformation? Well, why wait when you can build your own?

Dreamcast next up on RT

Weโ€™ve been modifying some of the current guides up. With the transition complete it feels like the time to add a new console to the lineup. Up next was the last console release from SEGA, and they ended their releases with a storm. The Dreamcast.

Weโ€™re moving (already)

Hello all!

Retro PlayStation is here!

Welcome to Retro PlayStation!