Owners of a PSP Go with a large library will know itโ€™s a struggle when it comes to storage. Whereas regular PSP has had the benefit of a MicroSD converter, the PSP Go has never had such luck.

The mighty slidy PSP Go utilises space by using a smaller card. The card it uses is the M2, which is another proprietary format from Sony. However, unlike the long base Pro Duo format this M2 has a size constraint. As a result, it has made it harder for third parties to develop an effective solution, using a more common connector.

Light may be at the end of the tunnel however. Kouchan66 has posted the technical plans for a form of converter on Twitter. This by no means suggests that they are ready for the market, but it shows that progress is still being made for the 8 year old platform.

It is still early days yet, but hopefully we will soon start seeing adapters on the market within the coming years.

Meanwhile, if you are a fan of beautifully custom designed PSP consoles, check out the work of Kouchan66 expertise.