In an effort to establish a wider community, we have now created a Discord server. You are all more than welcome to come join in on (or at this point, start) the discussions of retro goodness with the community.

The invite link for our server is

Our server is currently a fledgling, and is very much a test effort. If we donโ€™t get any traction, weโ€™ll decide at a later date whether to close it down or not. For now, please come along and help boost the community into (hopefully) a good hub for sharing information and resources on these glorious old platforms.

No plans to remove Disqus

This will not affect our Disqus comment boxes on our pages in any way. We feel that a discussion community on an individual platform will encourage sharing amongst people, whereas the discussion boxes provide a great way of giving feedback or discussing impacts on the website information. So we will be keeping Disqus on our pages!