We’re still new to this, please excuse our slowpokery.

Saints Row series is famous for being in leagues with the Grand Theft Auto series with an added comedy twist. The series is based on being the leader of a gang and rising up from a tough spot to taking over the entire city from rival gangs. The game is famous for massive levels of customisation, eccentric storylines and a massive expanse of explorable land, and tried to come to the PSP.

Volition had planned a release of Saints Row for the PSP around the time Saints Row 2 was making the rounds. However, a fair way along the project the plug was pulled and the game slowly fell into the failed build abyss, until it was rediscovered by Volition staff. Instead of ignoring the code, the wonderful team chose to expose the game to the public, in a Twitch stream and in an actual download.

Bear in mind this game never saw the light of day, so running the game may be a big task. However you can experience the vision of Saints Row being on the PSP. If you can get the game working, you will find quite a big portion of the game was designed, but don’t expect to see any final release or working storyline.

If you have a spare moment check it out. It isn’t common a big studio releases their development builds!