The last hurrah for the SEGA console franchise, the Dreamcast was a monster of a console. Numerous accessories, breakthough online multiplayer support and incredible exclusives. The console didn’t get the lifespan it deserved, until it became retro.

Shemnue Saga, Crazy Taxi, Jet Set/Grind Radio, Sonic Adventures, Blue Stinger… I could go on listing the massive titles of the Dreamcast. All on a cube which design encompasses the 90’s era. This console kicked off the sixth generation of console gaming, forcing the contenders the PS2, Xbox and Gamecube to go an extra mile. Essentially, the Dreamcast is what got the Arcade gamers to stay at home.

The Dreamcast introduced us to online multiplayer gaming. In the world of Dial-up, you could hook your phone line connection up to your Dreamcast and experience the world of gameplay with someone on the other side of the country, instead of in your living room.

My personal favourite however, had to be the VMU. I have no idea who thought up the idea to make your memory card interactive, but they did and the gimmick was fantastic. The vast array of games would simply use it just for displaying the game logo during gameplay, but other games took it to the next level. In Sonic Adventures, you could take your Chao, little pet creature, out of the game and into your pocket like a Tamagotchi.

Commercially, the console was not a massive success. And SEGA announced (unrelated to sales) that this would be their last foray into consoles, despite their leading heritiage in previous generations. But as the years went by, the homebrew communities gradually found exploits to the console and began reviving the interest in the Dreamcast as a homebrew machine for many, many years afterwards.

Welcome to immortality, Dreamcast.

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