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They mastered the handheld market with the GameBoy, and then dominated it with the massively popular GameBoy Advance. Nintendo would seem to have outdone themselves.

But then the announcement came of the retiring of the GameBoy line. Did PlayStation really have a chance to swoop in and become the leader?

No. They were just warming up.

Introducing the Nintendo DS. Spiritual successor of the GameBoy, with the added special feature of not one, but two screens. The second screen also saw the introduction to touch screen gaming, with the bottom screen featuring resistive touch capabilities. All enclosed in an amazingly portable clamshell design. Nintendo stormed the market again.

Nintendo DS was, and arguably still is the best ever handheld console released on the portable gaming market. It also saw an introduction to 3D gaming on Nintendo games (Pokรฉmon Pearl and the Plan 5 design blew my mind). The DS also saw some spectacular A-rated releases such as Nintendogs, Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, New Super Mario Brothers, and many more. This all lasted an incredible 7 year support life span, with the handheld still adored many years on.

Unfortunately, Nintendo DS is one of the more controversial devices when it comes to homebrew, as it has been involved in previous cases of law. It was ruled even ruled illegal within the UK. Regardless of the ruling however many kits are still sold, regardless of the consumer intentions.

In the coming months, here at Revive Today we will show you how to make the best of your dusty Nintendo DS, which may even make you use it over your 2/3DS (XL)! We will bring you guides for various DS features such as determining homebrew and essential applications to make the most of it, RT style!


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