The Humble Computer

Going strong since ~1960, The computer has been the oldest and longest-serving source of gaming. And so far, it shows no sign of being beaten.

There’s a reason why there’s a PC Master Race Reddit. There’s a reason that it’s rare to have a launch of a game without PC, or to even be boo’ed for not supporting it. Love it or love it too much, PC is the best gaming platform.

All gamers have heard about Doom, the first ever first-person shooter. First made for DOS, the game has been released on many platforms around the world. However, it can always be found at-home on the PC. So widely loved, there are now many modern conversions for PC from the DOS original.

PC is a platform you cannot go wrong with. The only real downside to PC is that it is much more expensive and more involved than a console. But even those limitations are being explored and solved by PC part manufacturers!

Here at ReviveToday we are focused primarily on the console environments, but we absolutely cannot leave PC out of the mix of retro revivals! Of course, if you have a powerful enough machine you can approach retro gaming via emulation instead.

Last updated: 11th March 2019

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