With a 12 year reign, the PlayStation 2 was one of Sony’s most successful gaming console releases of the sixth generation consoles, and even had a place in the seventh. The original PlayStation saw the revolution of gaming turn to more realistic experiences, and made the extremely hard work of the early consoles show their age. The PlayStation 2 multiplied this and gave us brand new experiences. From a semi-realistic driving experience of Gran Turismo 4, the thrill of illegal street racing with the Need for Speed series, and even touched the experience of being in an active warzone with Medal of Honour.

The console was a powerhouse, with the big limitation of the console being the snail pace DVD drive. The console was a beast, and a couple of years after the initial release it became the beast that sat in nearly every living room across the world.



  • What to Buy – Wish to purchase a PS2 but not sure which one to go for? Revive Today what-to-buy guide will cover what to consider when reliving this console.
  • Display Output – The PS2 – like most of the consoles on this website – does not have an HDMI output. Check here to see what you can do.
  • Memory Cards – Memory Cards (8MB) are dime a dozen even in the retirement years of the PS2, but there are a lot more options from third party vendors.
  • Controllers – Finding a working PS2 to buy online is easy. Finding a good controller to accompany it however, is not. Let’s discuss the solution.


  • Softmodding – Come into the wonderful world of PS2 softmodding. We will explain the benefits and the process of joining this brilliant and actually simple club!
  • Homebrew Essentials – Got your sweet setup, now get your super sweet homebrew must-haves. All for the low low price of nothing!
  • FreeMCBoot Tutorial – If you already have a modded system to hand, we show how you can dish out some FreeMCBoot Memory Cards.
  • FreeHDBoot Tutorial – Guide to installing FreeHDBoot on the original PlayStation 2, allowing you to run homebrew customisations without modifying the hardware.


  • PS2 Reddit – The subreddit containing discussions about the console, which to this day still has a surprising amount of followers active.
  • wololo.net – A great place to find resources for PS2 and many other consoles.
  • PSX Scene – One of the most buzzing community forums for the range of PlayStation consoles, including PS2. Many enthusiast gather here, ranging from players to developers.

If we have missed any, please let us know and we will feature them in the list.