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With so many applications and so much varied resources, it can be easy miss what you can squeeze out of homebrew with your PS2. Lets discuss the essentials that need to be running on your beast!

Open PS2 Loader (OPL)

You are guranteed to have encountered OPL at some point while researching PS2 homebrew. OPL – as the name suggest – is used to load up your games and homebrew applications, in more ways than through the standard way of through the CD drive. Thanks to this awesome tool you can load your games from the hard drive (fats), from a pc on your network, from a backed up DVD and from a USB drive (if you’re brave enough!).

This is a fully open source and continously maintained loader that took over from HD Loader, which was the de facto standard befor__e OPL took to the scene. OPL supports HD Loader drive formats and game rips, and as such is compatible to swap to.

GS Mode Selector (GSM)

The PS2 might be an old console, but those analogue signals can still pump out an impressive quality experience. However, like PC games this is often a per-game support job. With GSM, you can force an impressive amount of unsupported games into levels of graphic quality that the game itself did not support. Don’t put up with a 480i signal when you can push out a 720p or 1080i signal!