Following the outstanding success of the PlayStation 2, Sony launched the first Playstation 3 in 2006. The PlayStation 3 was not well received on launch, and commanded a high price. This was then plagued with a wave of technical troubles, small range of games, lawsuit over controller vibrations, and generally losing market-share to the more popular on launch, the Xbox 360.

Come 2009, the fortune at Sony changed. The Dual shock 3 came out, the less problematic Slim version made its debut, and gradually some Sony-only classics began to surface. The PS3 finally started to become the true contender for the top console of the seventh generation.

Sony continued their moves to make a games console less about just pure gaming, but more about being the centre of your entertainment. You could play some PS1 and PS2 games, link your PSP and PS Vita to your console and play remotely in your house, and even hook up streaming services to make a full entertainment suite. The PS3 was the true hub of entertainment.

Years gone by, and in 2016 the PS3 was discontinued in favour of the PlayStation 4. Thanks to slack security in comparison to the Xbox 360, the PS3 is one of the easiest in the generation to modify, and is capable of being exploited using softmod-only approaches. This means retro lovers can benefit from the PlayStation 3 if they don’t want to explore the hardmodding techniques famous with the Xbox 360. As the PlayStation Network gradually dwindles in favour of the PS4, it’s becoming increasingly valuable to mod your PS3 to experience the PlayStation as it should be.



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