Now you’ve got your freshly-hacked PSP, you need a suitable toolkit to get the best out of your handheld! We will keep you updated on the must-have homebrew apps and emulators to keep you entertained.

Keep in mind if you dont know already that for the following suggestions to work, you will need the ability to run unsigned PSP applications, which requires custom firmware.

Page is still undergoing improvements – please tread with caution.

All applications have been tested on a PSP 100X running 6.61. Your mileage may vary.






Gameboy (Color)


uo gpSP Kai

Gameboy Advance



SEGA Master System



SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis



Fusa Gamepad

Physical Controller Emulator



PSP as Monitor (ADVANCED)



Java Applet Support


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Installing Applications

Each download comes as a zip or rar file. Inside the file should be a folder, and inside that folder – an EBOOT.PBP file.

The folder containing EBOOT.PBP should be copied over to your PSP directory /PSP/GAME. So if your application was foobar/EBOOT.PBP, you would copy foobar to /PSP/GAME so it would display as /PSP/GAME/foobar. If done correctly, your application will now show up in the Memory StickTM folder of Game on the PSP.

A lot of emulators will expect the games to be installed in a specific manner. Check each zip file for a file titled readme for details on how the emulator is supposed to see the ROM files. Commonly the app will come with subfolders named something like ROM to put these files in.