With the closure of the PSN store, it has become increasingly difficult to find the DLC that was once available for your games. Thanks to the PSP community, a collection of downloadable content is being built up, so you can continue to install and play the DLC you love or missed.

DLC Downloads


Exit game cover art

Pack containing Extra Situations for the game Exit, a puzzle based game in which you help an escapologist escape a variety of different scenarios.

Credit goes to Redditor Notpoe779 for the files and installation guide included.

Hot Pixel

HOT PXL game cover art

A great minigame collection inspired by the consoles of old, based in a suburban style. With these packs, you will now have an even bigger collection of minigames to play! The original site is still available.

Credit goes to Redditor DeltaBladeX for discovering this.

Killzone: Liberation

Killzone: Liberation game cover art

The famous Killzone series unique to Sony has made its way to the PlayStation Portable! Continue the fight from the original Killzone in this top-down PSP shooter. Download Chapter Five and continue the fight even further.

Credit goes to Redditor DeltaBladeX for discovering this.

Wipeout Pure

PSP game cover for Wipeout Pure

Stop racing cars around a track and look to the future. Wipeout Pure pits you into the future of racing with anti-gravity ships instead of cars, bringing racing games into the future. Use these packs to deck your ride out some more, or race in alternative locations.

Credit goes to Redditor bcRIPster for discovering this.


Digital Comics Reader

A comic reader that let you purchase comics from PlayStation Network and read them right on your PSP device. The network was shut down and the reader download removed, but if you backed up any of your comics you can read them again.