PSP 100X, Custom Firmware Wizard

PSP 1000 in Piano BlackThe original generation of PSP handhelds are the easiest to apply custom firmware to. A lot of the original experimental and common hacks were made for this version, with popular ones being chickHEN and Dark Alexs. Back when the PSP was still in the limelight, an exploit was released and shortly after a PSP firmware updated would be issued to patch the exploit, often baited with promises of new features in an on-going game of cat-and-mouse. Eventually a permanent exploit was found, paving the way for PRO and LME to take over. However, at this point PSP was no longer an ongoing Sony project, so patches dwindled and eventually stopped arriving.

As a PSP 100X (x is any digit) owner, you are eligible for the following custom firmware routes:

Pro Firmware

PRO-C2 – Permanent

One of the de-facto options for software custom firmware modifications to date. Pro will let you run unsigned games and applications, which in turn allows you to run copied games & homebrew. Differences between the two are pretty much moot, but PRO brings along the Inferno ISO driver, with which some games may run more efficiently with.

Download (6.60) Download (6.61)

Installation instructions can be found within the package, as well as detailed instructions in our PRO firmware guide.

‘Minimum Edition’ (ME) Firmware

ME-2.3 – Permanent

The other major choice for PSP firmwares in the classic era. Similar to PRO this will also run unsigned games and code, with the only siginificant difference being a different developer and varying milage when it comes to certain game backups and emulation.

Download (6.60) Download (6.61)

Detailed instructions are on the way, however for now it can be installed by:

  1. Extracting the ZIP to a folder somewhere.
  2. Copy ‘me_installer’ folder to your PSP, in directory /PSP/GAME.
  3. Open ‘Update Launcher’ on PSP, found in Games > Memory Stick.