What’s a homebrewed PlayStation Vita without any awesome homebrew? Here we list the latest and greatest homebrew stuff you can get for your PS Vita, for absolutely zero cost.

Page is still undergoing improvements – please tread with caution.

Yet to install CFW on your PS Vita? Vita Hacks Guide has the best installer guide to date!

Essential Applications


PSP Emulator

The built-in PSP emulation is fantastic. It comes with a 1:1 emulation of all PSP features, but restricted to whatever PSP or PSOne games you download from the Vita store. Adrenaline not only opens this emulator up to full system emulation, but comes with custom firmware too. An absolute must-have. Created by a seasoned homebrew veteran TheOfficialFloW.


Multi-platform emulator

Want to play retro games? With RetroArch, you’re always pretty much guaranteed to have your favourite console available.

We’ve yet to confirm what the Vita can run, but with the Vita specs you should be comfortable with consoles up to PSX.


File Manager

The de-facto most important Homebrew app needed for every Vita. Not only does this allow you to browse the full filesystem of your Vita, but lets you start-up network file sharing and install applications.

When following a CFW guide, you will likely install this almost immediately.

Vita Plugins


Take a PNG screenshot at any time using PS + Start key combination.


Inhibits a few system call checks, most noticably stops games checking the consoles Vita version.


Recommended by some homebrew – stops a bug where apps crash after suspending the console.


DRM sucks, and this pluign helps to deal with the especially prohibitive ones.


No description.


Displays the battery percentage next to the battery indicator.


Stands for Yet Another Mount Tool. Takes the reigns over from the long running StorageMgr.

If you’ve bought a SD2Vita, this is the tool to enable it.


Allows you to change storage locations, e.g. swap from using vita card storage to MicroSD. YAMT is more recommended by the community nowadays.

❓ Missing anything? Let us know.

Installing Vita Applications

PlayStation Vita applications and homebrew come as VPK files. VPK is a Sony archival format that is used to transfer game and application files to the Vita. Not only does the package come with the files needed for the app to run, but also comes with instructions to get the program setup in the Vita database, and appear on the LiveArea.

The best way to install VPK files is via VitaShell. Create a folder to transfer Vita VPK files to (I created ux:0/downloads). You can then activate USB or FTP transfer method, and move the VPK files into this folder. In VitaShell, selecting the VPK file will prompt you to install the application. Depending on what the application does, normally this will result in the app now appearing on the LiveArea.

Installing Vita Plugins

Plugins are a different beast than the normal VPK file. These files come as either .suprx (main) or .skprx (kernel). Kernel plugins run during the starting up process of the system, and either make changes or runs a background process before the Vita operating system loads in. Main run during the system operation.

Be very careful when installing plugins, as a failed plugin will cause your system to boot loop and/or soft brick. Normally these plugins are placed in the tai root directory (normally ur0, but can be overwritten by ux0). You then edit the config.txt file to point to your plugin file. The asterisks (*) messages are important, check to make sure you place your load-in line under the right headi