Revive Today is currently a small site, serving a small niche in the market to provide information for older consoles. Most people will have disposed of these consoles, with a select few continuing their existence. As a result, this website has relatively small traffic. This allows us to use low cost hosting to keep this site up and running, with minimal financial impact.

To cover a fraction of the costs, we use non-intrusive advertising on this website. If you wish to support us, then disabling any ad blocker on this site will help us. This is no requirement, and we will not go the route of blocking access if you have one enabled.

However, the hacks and plugins used for every console are normally built by volunteer teams and individuals, who gain little to no income from their development efforts. These hacks enable us to utilise our consoles to their full potential, when the vendor has limited it such. With this, we ask that if you enjoyed a particular guide that you donate to the developer themselves, to say thank you for their hard work.

Support Developers

Individual and teams of homebrew developers are the sole reason why the homebrew community still exists for each console. Their hard work to bring out applications and modifications, allow us all to squeeze the true experience out of our great machines limited by their companies. Many of these developers create such wonders to show off their skills and support the community. Donations to these people shows them their efforts are not lost, and inspire them to keep updating their applications.

We pull donation links from websites linked to the author of a project. Please let us know if we have missed anyone out, or have grabbed an incorrect or broken link.

FreeMCBoot (Version 1.9 and above)

Continuing after FreeMCBoot support ended version 1.8c, this developer maintained newer version of FreeMCBoot based on the codebase of Version 1.7, and has maintained updates ever since. More details can be found out on his Geocities account.

Support Revive Today

Disable Adblock

We love AdBlock. Adverts used to be these great small bits of text that advertise things you are interested in. Then they incorporated images to grab your attention. Nowadays ads are these intrusive hard-to-exit, virus ridden attempts to distract you and harvest information wherever possible. In the good old days of Netscape Navigator, Adblock Plus came along to hide these adverts. Ever since users of adblocking extensions have avoided tirades of privacy invasions and viruses from these little evils.

Yes, we may have just made a compelling case not to disable Adblock, but this is because we support this. Adverts are not the focus of a website, rather it should show something you may be interested in. Revive Today will never show a Flash advert, a full site block with a teeny-tiny exit button, or even images. You will see text adverts only if you disable Adblock on our site. This generates us a tiny income to help fund server costs a bit, so any click on something you’re interested in shaves a bit off the hosting costs.

If you do not want to see adverts, then keep Adblock on. We will not limit you to what you can see around the site purely because you don’t want to see some adverts. And besides, if you never click ads anyway there is no point in seeing them.

We aim to make a pleasing experience both with and without adverts. Please let us know if with either of these options you experience anything odd around the site.

DigitalOcean Hosting

We love DigitalOcean (equally as Adblock), as they provide a low-cost flexible hosting that is perfect for our little website. Say we did not want a website, we could use it as backup storage, a full-control VPN, an email server, anything you can think of. If you wish to have a your own Linux VPS (or just ‘server’) like this, then going through our referral link gives you free starting $10 credit, which is better than the default option of none! Then if you like DigitalOcean so much that you continue service with them, your first $25 you spend we receive as well, giving us nearly 5 months of free hosting!

If you would like to know more about DigitalOcean, check them out or ask us and we will help out. Otherwise, click this link for the magical beans.

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A simple link back whenever we are mentioned goes a long way. If you ever refer to a guide, an article or a snippet of detail, please include a link back to our website!

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