Vintage Collection

The classic consoles included on this site are normally fifth generation or higher. But we can’t simply forget that there are some even more beautiful classics before that. So pour a glass of that aged whiskey and put on your crimson housecoat as we are introducing the Vintage Collection.

The aim of this site is to help you get the best out of your old consoles, which is normally achieved by doing things to the console the console manufacturer never intended. With consoles in the fifth generation and beyond the humble games console became more modular like a PC, making it capable of doing much more impressive things. The vintage consoles however have more limitations as we can only push the hardware so far. But there is always something you can do, and we aim to find that something.

While not technically vintage, we will also keep you updated with the recent interest in rebuilding or re-purposing vintage consoles, like the newly released NES Classic and redesigned ZX Spectrum Vega.

The Collection


Inspired by their retro behemoth the Atari 2600, Atari have crowdfunded the Ataribox, a continuation of their consoles into the modern era. Check out the first retro release that could even play newer games and retro indies.

Last updated: 11th March 2019

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